Conversations Made Smarter

Optimize your landline with our AI powered voice bot.

Instant Response

Say goodbye to long wait times! Give your customers the best experience with instant responses to their questions.

Custom Conversation Experience

Build that engagement with your customers using Articulo's human-like accents and speech.


Customer insisting to speak to someone? No problem! Articulo Voice redirects your customer to the right agent.

Call analytics

Make data-driven decisions with detailed call insights and understand your customers.

Why digitalise your call center

Traditional Landline / Call Centre

Based on a traditional landline manned by 3 full-time receptionists/call agents on a typical 9-5 schedule:

Receptionists and admin staff need to dedicate more time doing low-value work (e.g. answering commonly asked inquiries).

Customers spend a lot of time on the line, waiting either to be transferred to the right agent for answers or are usually put on hold due to agents being busy.

Articulo Voice Bot

Powered by AI technology, it is an army of unlimited voice bots on a 24/7 schedule:

Automates low-value work so that your staff can focus on the higher value tasks.

Instantly responds to customer enquiries, only redirecting to agents when the enquiry is more complex. Customers spend less time on the line and agents focus their time on complex enquiries.

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