The future of the BFSI industry after COVID-19, with voice bots

COVID-19 has shaken up the entire BFSI ecosystem and how consumers interact with financial organisations. In the era of post-pandemic, we’ll soon witness the emergence of the ‘new normal’.

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Tech-ing Your Clinic’s Productivity To The Next Level

Why settle for “just fine” when you can propel your clinic’s productivity to new heights without the hassle of complicated integration? With 2359 Media’s very own Articulo Voice - a voice bot designed to improve business efficiency through automated communication - you can do exactly that.

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Why it is time to ditch IVR in 2020

A major flaw of Interactive voice response (IVR) systems: Customers hate them. They don’t enjoy getting put on hold for what seems like forever, neither do they enjoy being forced to navigate through a maze of robotic menu options.

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Thrive Amid Covid-19 with Digital Transformation: Voice Bots

Powered by the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, voice bots have been built with the goal of improving business efficiency and revolutionising customer experience.

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